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Would you like to understand the early fabric of your house and how it can be successfully interwoven with the practical needs of modern living?

Have you just bought your home and have questions about renovations?

Are you thinking of moving and wondering how your home should be prepared for sale?

Have you ever considered microscopic paint analysis to determine the fascinating original color of your home’s paneling?

Great raised field paneled parlor wall in a third quarter 18th-century Groveland dwelling. Bolection molded trim is revealed around the fireplace and stopped fluted pilasters are on either side. The many coated paint surface may hide earlier Georgian period shades beneath. Microscopic paint analysis can reveal the earlier colors, which are often more striking than any found at a paint store. These may be matched for rare and high quality results.

• Do you suspect that exciting early colors may lie beneath your home’s paneling?
• Are you aware of tree ring analysis, which can indicate when it was built?
• Do you know the most critical first steps you should take after buying an old house?
• Are you worried about energy conservation and saving on heat cost?

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