John F. Cole

The Old House Whisperer

Hardcover Books combining the Architecture & History of Your House


John Cole & Associates provide the historical architectural research and documentation you require to ensure your home is valued for its unique past and promising future. This information will assist in preparation for a sale, restoration, renovation, or addition. It also makes a perfect keepsake for the future.

Dating Document

After inspecting your house, John will enumerate its original date, show how it grew, and suggest a restoration philosophy.

Architecture Book

This bound book with color photographs will provide you with an authentic understanding of the rare architectural features of your house.


  • Date of origin
  • Key Features
  • What is original
  • How it grew
  • Interior and exterior color photographs
  • Deeds

Genealogical & Historical Book

The story of your home—a keepsake that can be shared with your family for generations to come.


  • Research on the family of origin and important subsequent owners
  • Interesting stories and biographies
  • Color photographs
  • Deeds
  • Probate information where relevant
  • Early maps
  • Illustrations

Architectural, Genealogical & Historical Book

The two books above can be combined into one comprehensive keepsake book.

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