John F. Cole
“The Old House Whisperer”


John Cole & Associates provide the historical architectural research and documentation you require to ensure your home is valued for its unique past and promising future. This information will assist in preparation for a sale, restoration, renovation, or addition. It also makes a perfect keepsake for the future.

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Dating Document

After inspecting your house, John will enumerate its original date, show how it grew, and suggest a restoration philosophy.

Architectural, Genealogical & Historical book

Architecture Book

This bound book with color photographs will provide you with an authentic understanding of the rare architectural features of your house.


Genealogical & Historical Book

The story of your home—a keepsake that can be shared with your family for generations to come.


Architectural, Genealogical & Historical Book

The two books above can be combined into one comprehensive keepsake book.

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“John and Eleanor’s research enabled us to truly envision life in our home over 200 years ago. They gave us the names and showed us the faces of the people who walked these same beautiful floors. We were also given a glimpse into old Newburyport. The findings were very exciting. It was like opening a time capsule!”
Home Owner, 80 Middle Street, Newburyport

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“WOW, was our reaction when we saw the finished product. What they created wasn’t merely a history of our house. It was a story (with pictures) about the people, the circumstances, the period in time that converged to create our historic house. Simply fantastic!”
Home Owner, 36 Marlboro Street, Newburyport

“No man can know where he is likely to be tomorrow unless he knows where he was yesterday and the day before.” From Something to Preserve, published by the Ipswich Historical Commission, a project directed by John Cole.

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